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For the Video Game Players

Postby Drury_Sakic » Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:49 pm

A great game that I think was overlooked by many, Company of Heroes, is on sale for 75% off on STEAM this weekend.

You can buy the complete pack for 12 bucks, or the individual components for various prices.

If the 12 dollar price is too much, the 2.49 for the original game is a hell of a deal.

For those not familiar with the game, its a WWII RTS game. If you have ever played Dawn of War I, you will understand the gameplay style. The game engine is the same one they based the Dawn of War II game off of. (reason I compare it to the first is that the gameplay is more like the first, while the graphics are more like the second)

If you like WWII games and you have even a passing interest in RTS games, this is a must buy at that price.

For 12 bucks you are looking at roughly 30 hrs of singleplayer gameplay and countless hours of multiplayer/skirmish mode if you care to partake.
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