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The Lockout is over!

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The Lockout is over!

Postby Domyos » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:05 am

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Re: The Lockout is over!

Postby AFFPR » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:38 am

Woooooo!! We are back!! Fantasy is back!!! I am sooo happy! The NHL and NHLPA can go to hell for what they did this year to us... But the game I love is back!
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Re: The Lockout is over!

Postby Drury_Sakic » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:12 pm

*does the happy dance*
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Re: The Lockout is over!

Postby boz » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:56 pm

Going to feel odd with training camp on the weekend..suddenly seems it came too quick! ..Was pleased to get at least something of a season in, will be nice to see Hejduk reach his 1,000th game for the Avs..
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