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Sakic is Right to Wait for Great Deal on Duchene

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Sakic is Right to Wait for Great Deal on Duchene

Postby Foppa'sGhost » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:20 am

Seems as if several teams are crying that Sakic won't unload Duchene at a fire sale price. These teams, not Sakic, are feeling the pressure. Sakic knows that his team will not be playoff caliber even if he takes on left over free agents and bad contracts. Its called a rebuild through the draft (see Penguins, Blackhawks, Oilers for recent examples of this template). Duchene is a fast, slick skating 30 goal scorer, All-star, Olympian and even lead the league in face offs. He can play center or left wing. He's a good guy and signed to a reasonable contract for two years. Sakic should absolutely refuse to be low balled with left overs like Murray or Harmonic. The Avs are so bad that there is zero pressure on him to make the team better short term. The pressure is on teams like Nashville, Islanders, Hurricanes, and Blue Jackets because they are play off contenders which is a long way from Cup contender. And like all teams in today's NHL they have to negotiate a tight window. They need to get better quickly. They all need legitimate scoring. Talented top 3 draft picks in the prime of their career are a rare commodity. Nashville keeps saying, for instance, that they won't move a top four D man. Ok, if they're not serious about fixing an anemic offense with a fantastic top 6 forward that's their choice. But there's no pressure on Sakic to move Duchene just so a bad team can get worse. He has to get serious talent and that talent has to young to fit his plan. Harmonic is too old. Sakic knows someone will budge. His assistant GM played the same game with Nash a few years back. Sakic is actually doing the right thing.
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Re: Sakic is Right to Wait for Great Deal on Duchene

Postby sheese » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:23 am

I agree, especially about the notion that making a move right now isn't critical to the team. We'll still stink with Duchene or with whatever return we get. Two things do come into play here though: 1. Will Sakic feel the pressure to make a change b/c he's at the end of what has been a very very long rope? 2. Duchene's play has not been top line caliber this past year (or more). So it's understandable that teams don't want to commit a big investment to a play who may be deteriorating - It happens... just look at Eric Staal, or any other number or players who looked great for a few short years and then petered out to middling careers. Duchene needs to be better, period. Or the Avs will be lucky to get much of anything for him.
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